Secure payment

Secure payment

Our secure payment

Our site used a secure SSL certificate so you can rest assured that all the data processed on our site is secure and will be kept securely.  We allow a variety of payment options to meet your needs from Cash on Delivery, direct bank transfers/deposits and online credit card payments using the JCC Smart Gateway, ensuring that your credit or debit card data is securely processed and there is no risk of loss or theft.

Using Visa/Mastercard

About this service

You can choose the method of payment from Credit cards using Stipe or JCC or Paypal to can complete your purchase.  If you have a JCC Smart account you can review all your purchases and even use saved cards to pay for your purchases.  Once you have completed your payment you will be directed back to our site where you will see your order has been accepted and completed.

From this point on leave all the handling to us, you will receive email updates of your order status and within a very short time, your product will be delivered to the address you requested.

It's that simple